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Since 1983 we have distinguished ourselves by our strong commitment to quality and continuous monitoring of our customers. FN hotelaria is a company specialized in solutions for hotel equipment and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

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Miguel Guedes de Sousa

Partner & CEO | JNcQUOI, Amorim Luxury

“[...] congratulations to all for the magnificent work done so far! [...] The house is full daily, the customers are happy, there are improvements happening every day! We are on the right track.

I leave my personal thanks to everyone and it is an honour to have you all on board in this unique lifestyle experience [...].

Carlos Lima

Escola Hotelaria e Turismo de Cabo Verde

[...] super competent provision, from the conception / articulation of the space / equipment valence, to the contest, shipping, delivery and installation on site by your super team. Everything received in accordance and training given. Everything was beautiful and functional and will certainly make a fantastic contribution to training in the food service area on Ilha do Sal.

Joachim Hartl

General Manager | Conrad Algarve

We were looking for new companies in the market and we found FN hotelaria, which was recommended to us, and we found that in terms of quality of the offer, and taking into account Hilton’s standards, they would be good partners to complete this project. [...] First of all, I think they were very professional. [...] This process was very smooth and from that perspective, I am very satisfied with the work they did.

Filipe Carvalho

Executive Chef | Fifty Seconds by Martin Berasategui

[...] without you and the conditions you provide us, both in setting up kitchens, as well as in monitoring and advising, it would not be possible [to achieve Michelin stars].

Dionísio Pestana

President | Pestana Hotel Group

To keep the good pace of construction of new units, the Group has as its policy the investment in medium and long term relationships with suppliers that provide guarantees to carry out quality work and within the set deadlines. With these suppliers the relationship ceases to be only about the supply of materials and a true partnership is established.

José Botelho

Chef | Conrad Algarve

[...] a kitchen that is very well structured, very well organized, was very well ‘cooked’ in terms of the material we have available. [...] It is very easy for people to work.

Pedro Cardoso

Manager | Solar dos Presuntos

Inside a restaurant the kitchen is the most important thing [...] and therefore the kitchen has to be shaped by the chef’s hand and we have to give our chef everything he wants to execute quickly and correctly all his work.

Alexandre Silva

Chef and Owner | Loco

A kitchen must be practical [...] and a kitchen that is prepared for rapid wear and tear. In other words, after a month, it cannot have technical problems. And for me, when I thought of the kitchen for [Mercado da Ribeira], I tried to put in 30 m2 everything that was necessary in a kitchen sometimes with 200 and 300 m2.

Bruno Freitas

Member of the Board | Savoy Signature

Being a company from Madeira has helped and has made the decision prevail, obviously due to the know-how, experience, proximity [...] not only during the execution phase, but essentially after the execution, which is during the technical support, installation and monitoring phase.

Reto Mathis

President | Saint Moritz Gourmet Festival

With its products, services and assistance, a successful partner not only helps us to fulfill the wishes and growing expectations of our guests but, more importantly, it is our 'personal trainer' and coach who supports our business with solutions, products and proposals tailored to our needs.

António Bóia


Professionalism, responsibility, quality, commitment and a vast team of professionals in all areas which always presents a solution to the client's difficulties. [...] better it was difficult.

[...] When you have the opportunity to know and work with FN hotelaria, feel closely the solutions and quality standards available, why change?
[...] FN hotelaria can be more efficient and faster than many companies of its kind on the continent. 

António Trindade

President | PortoBay Hotels & Resorts

FN hotelaria has known how to be, how to prospect enough to keep up with innovation in the world of hotel equipment, and these are basically the reasons why I have to praise the collaboration between PortoBay and FN hotelaria.

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