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heating, ventilation, air conditioning

Within a policy of service diversification, FN hotelaria has been developing, since 2012, engineering solutions for the installation of air conditioning, ventilation, central heating, solar energy, thermal power stations, centralized technical management and maintenance systems.

Our intervention uses the best practices of this activity, with solutions oriented towards energy efficiency, occupant comfort, use of state-of-the-art equipment, both in air conditioning and ventilation systems, air filtration and treatment, hot water and chilled water production.

The centralized technical management systems for the HVAC systems that we implement allow us to monitor their operation, manage all equipment with high efficiency, ensure control and safety in order to guarantee the comfort and satisfaction of our customers.

Whether in the service area or in the industrial area, we can always add value to the end customer with our engineering and consulting solutions, whether these are new HVAC installations or even the rehabilitation of existing installations.