Castanheiro Boutique Hotel

Hotel Industry 2015

FN hotelaria added to its portfolio in 2015 Castanheiro Boutique Hotel. Our intervention included the supply and installation of hotel equipment and HVAC systems.


Kitchen (preparation, production, pastry, pantries and storage area), buffet, bars, cold rooms, refectory and laundry were designed and equipped with technologically innovative equipment of the highest quality to ensure the maximum efficiency required for the operation of this hotel in Funchal.

The technical projects were entirely tailored to the needs of this hotel unit and after the definition of all the appropriate solutions came the installation phase. FN hotelaria was also responsible for the implementation of this hotel's heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems: hot water production; air conditioning for public areas; air conditioning for the rooms; treatment of the indoor pool; heating systems for the pools; solar energy; ventilation systems; security, control and management systems.

In the production of hot water, high-efficiency condensing boilers are used. The air conditioning systems in the rooms are direct expansion, centralized and use VRF technology.

The air conditioning systems in public areas are also of direct expansion and are integrated into their own management system. At the indoor pool level, there is an autonomous dehumidification unit with free-cooling and heat recovery capacity for air and water. The use of solar energy was also implemented, with the installation of high-performance vacuum tube solar panels to support the energy needs for hot water production and swimming pools.

This installation is completed by all the ventilation systems (fresh air and extraction) which, while respecting efficiency requirements, guarantee the maximum comfort to the hotel's guests.