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safety, hygiene and functionality

The kitchen is the soul of any home. Therefore, we believe that it is also the heart of any restaurant or hotel. This being our first step as a company, for FN hotelaria, kitchens represent soul and heart. For us, nothing less than kitchens of excellence.

From the most practical to the most refined kitchens, from preparation, to production, to pastry or pantry, we seek to develop solutions that best suit the customer's needs, with well-studied layouts, efficient circulation routes and high-performance and high-efficiency equipment.

But we never stop innovating. We have an ongoing joint research project with higher education institutions in order to optimize the design, apply new materials to improve the safety, hygiene and functionality of kitchens. It is also our concern to improve human interaction with space and reduce water and energy consumption, as well as helping our customer to reduce operating costs.

We want to develop the next generation kitchen for the gastronomy sector, which excels in energy efficiency, reduced cleaning load, food safety, reduced human factor fatigue and real-time inventory management through IoT technology (Internet of Things). The benefits will be countless!

FN hotelaria currently represents the most prestigious brands of kitchen equipment. Marrone and La Cornue are two of the most renowned brands you can purchase through our services.

Count on the support of our consultants to guide you in choosing the most suitable solution for your business, whatever its dimension.

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