Restaurant Industry 2019

After the huge success of LOCO restaurant, winner of a Michelin star in less than a year of operation, FOGO restaurant was born in 2019.

It is presented as “the place where the land joins the kitchen to reinvent the flavor of our country in each dish”. Chef Alexandre Silva's new restaurant opened in Lisbon in December 2019 and has also a bar. It’s called FOGO (Portuguese word for ‘fire’) because it has the fire as its central element and the smoke itself as an ingredient. At the base of all the dishes are wood and fire, whether using the oven, the grill, the skewer or the pot.

“This restaurant has a very intense storytelling. FOGO tells the story of a building that burned and is now rising from the ashes. It's all black to show it, to show it doesn't end. When you lose almost everything, there are things that are reborn”, Alexandre Silva explained in an interview for TimeOut magazine about the restaurant opening. Far from the concept adopted for LOCO, FOGO's gastronomic offer has its roots in tradition, in the simplicity of the fire cuisine, based on the creative appreciation of local and organic products. Miguel Libaut is the resident chef.

The black of the Azorean volcanic rock on the facade and inside and the colors of fire and wood dominate the environment. The wood that covers many areas of the restaurant is both decorative and fuel for the work in the kitchen. The kitchen is open and, in addition to the brazier, there we can find a huge Valoriani wood oven, produced in Italy, supplied and installed by FN hotelaria.

Our company was also in charge of the supply and installation of the remaining equipment for preparation, cooking and pastry areas, pantry, bar, wine cellar and refrigerated and matured meat and charcuterie displays for the restaurant.