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Cold storage

efficiency and reliability

Efficiency and reliability: these are the main characteristics of the engineering solutions we develop for cold storage installations. We seek to continuously monitor innovations in the sector in order to provide our customers with innovative and highly efficient solutions, pioneer in terms of sustainability and efficiency policies.

FN hotelaria has recently started to provide, for example, cold storage installations operating on CO2.

CO2 is an environmentally friendly refrigerant that has been replacing synthetic HFC refrigerants (hydrofluorocarbons) with high GWP (Global Warming Potential). CO2 is one of the few sustainable refrigerants for food retail applications and has shown to be highly reliable in all climates. With reduced costs, it allows profitable operating costs.

FN hotelaria was the first company in its sector in our country to carry out an installation of this nature in the hotel industry.

Our challenge was to meet the requirements of the responsibility and sustainability policy of a hotel group, The Views Hotels. The hotel unit contemplated was the The Views Oásis, on the island of Madeira, the first hotel in Portugal to have a refrigeration facility of this type.

FN hotelaria implements a wide range of solutions for refrigeration installations. However, our main concern is always to design the systems and select the equipment and components that best suit the customer's needs.

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