PortoBay Flores Hotel

Hotel Industry 2019

PortoBay Flores opened in the summer of 2019, at Rua das Flores, Porto. This 5-star hotel is the result of the rehabilitation of a 16th century palace and offers 66 rooms, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, gym, business meeting area, garden and a spa with Asian therapies.

The equipment for kitchen, pantries, bar, buffet, cold rooms, staff refectory, storage area and laundry was supplied and installed by FN hotelaria.

In the transformation of this historic building into a hotel, the architect Samuel Torres de Carvalho had the utmost concern in preserving elements such as the staircases, the iron balconies, the stonework, the granite columns, the tiles and an old kitchen oven that can be admired in the area that connects the former Palácio dos Ferrazes to the new wing of the hotel. Surprising in this connection between buildings is the tunnel that seems to suggest a "time travel".

The salon gave way to the restaurant which cuisine is led by chef Nuno Miguel and at the Bar dos Maias, which pays tribute to the last family that resided in the palace, you can find cocktails and light meals.