Restaurant Industry 2017

Prado’s manifesto is clear: "the best Portugal has to offer, from land to sea"; “national, seasonal and fresh ingredients”; “exclusively organic, biodynamic and natural wines”.

It opened at the end of 2017 and the following year it was considered by Condé Nast Traveler one of the nine best restaurants of the year! With ethical and ecological concerns, supporting the mottos “from the producer to the table” and zero waste, Prado is, however, a surprisingly simple restaurant.

Located near the Lisbon Cathedral, in a building that once housed a canning factory, the restaurant of the young chef António Galapito immediately won over a legion of fans.

After 10 years of work in London, António Galapito created in Lisbon a new type of restaurant where natural and simple are sovereign, without pretentiousness, marked by the informal environment and the always surprising gastronomic offer.

Because it favors seasonal ingredients, of organic origin and natural and biological products from national producers, the menu changes on an almost daily basis, putting the creativity of the kitchen team to the test. So the dishes are always a surprise!

Bread is the main character of the “opening act” of the meal and even desserts include unusual ingredients like sweet potatoes or mushrooms. Next to Prado, there is also a grocery store where you can find products in bulk and many of the ingredients that are part of the restaurant's offer.

FN hotelaria was the company responsible for the supply and installation of equipment for kitchen, pantry, bar and cold rooms.