100 maneiras

Restaurant Industry 2019

The new 100 Maneiras opened in early 2019, at Rua do Teixeira, in Lisbon, right next to the space once occupied by its predecessor.

Now with larger dimensions and a cocktail bar, it is even more daring, both in the gastronomic offer and in the decoration. Same name, same street, new restaurant: this is probably a kind of "version 2.0" of chef Ljubomir Stanisic's well-known restaurant.

The menu includes Portuguese flavors, but also flavors from the chef’s native Yugoslavia, and from many other places where he has been over 25 years of cuisine. Some vegetarian options are part of the innovations.

The space reflects the chef's irreverence. The decoration is signed by Madeiran designer Nini Andrade Silva and includes elements from different inspirations, namely the Ottoman.

In the kitchen you can find a cooking block by the Italian brand Marrone, designed, supplied and installed by FN hotelaria, as well as the other equipment for kitchen, pantry, bar, wine cellar and cold rooms.