Bioforma - Gare do Oriente

Restaurant Industry 2020

On February 1st, 2020, a Bioforma store opened at Gare do Oriente, in Lisbon. This is the first store of the Madeiran brand in the continent. This store is dedicated to selling natural supplements, healthy and organic foods, has take-away and grab and go services and provides nutritional counseling services, but its main focus is the vegetarian restaurant, which occupies about half of the space. The equipment for kitchen, pantry, storage area, service area, as well as displays for the restaurant and market place, refrigeration equipment and counters for self-service were supplied and installed by FN hotelaria.


The Bioforma brand, with 30 years of history on Madeira island, is now part of Grupo Alberto Oculista, its current owner. It presents itself as “the health store” and is dedicated to the trade of natural products, biological products, food supplements, natural cosmetics, as well as aesthetics services and natural therapies. The selection of products is the result of “an unremitting search in national and international markets, always focusing on origin and quality”, we can read on the brand's Facebook page. In addition to selling products, offering “a high level of personal service” is important, so the company is also dedicated to providing nutritional advice and offers healthy meals in its stores. The objective is "to provide [...] customers with a higher quality life" because "Having good health is no longer just the absence of disease, it is a greater concept involving mind, body and spirit". With the opening of the Lisbon store, the brand is testing new strategic paths. It extends the offer to restaurants, innovates in architecture and layout, but also "Represents the 'test tube' for what will be the innovations that we will introduce in the entire network in the future", stated Miguel Caires, CEO of Grupo Alberto Oculista, in an interview to our local newspaper JM in January 2020.