Fifty Seconds

Restaurant Industry 2018

Culinary excellence. Exceptional space. A kitchen that is "an authentic Ferrari [...] totally personalized". These are the words of chef Filipe Carvalho in an interview to the portuguese newspaper Observador, in 2018, regarding the opening of the restaurant Fifty Seconds by Martin Berasategui, words that still make us proud!!!

© Fifty Seconds

50 seconds separate us from the best view of the Portuguese capital, the same 50 seconds that it takes to climb 120 meters to the top of Vasco da Gama Tower, in Parque das Nações, Lisbon, and which are in the origin of the restaurant's name.

Under the leadership of Basque chef Martin Berasategui, Fifty Seconds is managed by a Portuguese team led by chef Filipe Carvalho. In this fine dining space, one of the most luxurious in the Portuguese capital, the dishes follow each other in a kind of choreography of unexpected and surprising moments for the customer.

Martin Berasategui has more than 40 years of career and has 12 Michelin stars on his resume, one of which he won in 2019 for Fifty Seconds. In addition to Portugal and Spain, he has restaurants in Mexico and in the Dominican Republic, spaces where the local identity is reflected in the gastronomic offer.

The view from the restaurant is unforgettable, we have already said, but extending it to the kitchen is something never seen!

The Marrone cooking block, “a true Ferrari”, as chef Filipe Carvalho says, was designed, supplied and installed by FN hotelaria, as well as the remaining equipment for kitchen (preparation, cooking, pastry and pantry areas), bar, cold rooms and storage room.

In the portuguese tv show “Mesa Portuguesa” by RTP1, chef Filipe Carvalho takes us on a guided tour of Fifty Seconds. The May 29, 2021 episode reveals the backstage of the restaurant and the traditions and family heritage that mark the chef's path.