Restaurant Industry 2018

In 2018, Kampo was created in Funchal, a restaurant that would enrich the gastronomic offer of the city. FN hotelaria was the company responsible for the supply and installation of the kitchen, pantry and bar equipment for this restaurant.

“It was in his father's butchers, in his grandfather's gardens and in his mother's kitchen that it all started”, you can read on the restaurants’ website, thus locating the origin of the culinary vocation of chef Júlio Pereira. The chef’s professional path includes renowned hotels and restaurants from Italy, Spain - where he worked with chef Sergi Arola -, Angola, São Tomé e Príncipe and Portugal. With “rural ingredients and urban spirit”, simple, yet elegant and very creative, it presents itself as an “experience restaurant”, offering “flavors that come directly from the island's cultivated land, carefully prepared and elevating the best of the region”.

The appreciation of local products is one of its flagships, so the seasonality of the ingredients is the reason why the menu suffers natural variations. The bet is thus placed on products from the countryside: the bread is artisanal and the menu includes grilled and matured meats, vegetables or fish from the local market. The space is small, with about 30 seats, some of which at the counter, with a privileged view of the open kitchen, where the customer can follow the entire cooking process.