Restaurant Industry 2018

“Welcome to our house. Pull up a chair; make yourself comfortable. Relax. Taste. It's good to be in this SÁLA.” (*Sala, Portuguese word for ‘living room’.) This is how the restaurant Sála receives us.

Owned by chef João Sá, it opened in October 2018, in Lisbon. It is positioned as a "good food restaurant", where the simplicity of the environment, which aims to reflect "the comfort of your living room", distracts us from the whole process that we know is necessary for each dish.

The softness in the tones is the main hallmark of the decoration and the care placed in the choice of handcrafted objects - namely in the exclusive ceramics of Portuguese origin - punctuates the discreet character.

The pace determined by Sála contrasts with the usual movement characteristic of Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, as this is a restaurant for a total of 36 people. Finding inspiration in the concept of “farm to table” and betting on seasonal products and food of organic origin are the reasons why the menu undergoes regular changes. Vegetables occupy a prominent place in it.

The kitchen is open and there is a cooking block designed by FN hotelaria and produced in Italy by Marrone. In addition to the remaining kitchen equipment, FN hotelaria supplied and installed the pantry and bar equipment and was also the company responsible for the execution of the restaurant's air conditioning and ventilation mechanical installations.