BAM – Centro da Banana da Madeira

Public Sector 23 June 2022

FN hotelaria was the company responsible for the supply and installation of hotel industry equipment and for the execution of the extraction system for this infrastructure.

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BAM - Centro da Banana da Madeira was inaugurated in 2022. Managed by GESBA - Empresa de Gestão do Setor da Banana, it occupies an area of 15,000 m2 and is located in Lugar de Baixo, Ponta do Sol (Madeira).

Representing a 3 million euros investment by our Regional Government, this infrastructure seeks to identify innovative paths for the sustainability of regional banana production. Combining the knowledge acquired with science and technology, the objective is to further increase the quality of the product, increase production with a focus on exports and reduce costs for the farmer.

This center includes: museum; research and product quality certification sector; sector of technical support and training to farmers; farming areas, agricultural infrastructure and product treatment area.

The infrastructure created in 2022 thus has a cultural aspect, opening its doors to visitors and placing at their disposal an interactive museum, a visitable outdoor area consisting of trails between plantations, a bar and a merchandising store.

FN hotelaria supplied and installed the equipment for bar, pantry equipment, stainless steel furniture, storage area and staff cafeteria equipment. FN hotelaria was also the company responsible for the execution of the extraction system of the existing cooking area in the bar.