FN hotelaria celebrates its 40th anniversary today

corporate 09 March 2023

This is the day FN hotelaria completes 4 decades of existence!

Trust has been our brand since the beginning. 40 years ago it was our source of differentiation. Today it continues to be one of our main mottos. It is the foundation on which is based the relationship that we always favor with our employees, customers, suppliers and partners. That’s how we allow ourselves to consider them all as part of our team.

Through Innovation, we seek to do more and better every day, side by side with all partners on this journey. Developing new solutions, advancing work processes or expanding skills are a constant concern for us. Because we want to be at our clients’ side in the many moments and multiple aspects of their business development. And because challenge is in our DNA.

We chose Trust and Innovation as our motto for our year 2023.