FN hotelaria runs HVAC installation in the new operating rooms of Hospital Nélio Mendonça

new project 15 July 2022

As part of the contract for the operating rooms’ rehabilitation, FN hotelaria is carrying out the execution of the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) installations in this hospital in Madeira.

The improvement of health care for the general population and the conditions of the physical space for professionals and users is the main objective of our Regional Government.

Hospital Nélio Mendonça, in activity since 1973, is undergoing a major renovation, focusing on the expansion, rehabilitation and improvement of the area occupied by the operating rooms, and with a focus on greater suitability of materials and equipment functionality. This space will have 7 operating rooms and 2 recovery rooms.

The work developed by FN hotelaria within the scope of the ongoing project includes the execution of a highly efficient HVAC installation capable of responding to the needs of this hospital unit.

Our work has already started last week with the delivery and installation of some equipment. Many more will follow in the following weeks.

This is a large and demanding project, with very specific technical requirements and operational constraints of some complexity, but which will provide Hospital Nélio Mendonça with adequate equipment to improve the provision of health care to the users of our Regional Health Service.

These services are provided to our client Tecnovia Madeira S.A., responsible for the project contract.