FN hotelaria in charge of the refrigeration installations at Logislink Azores Logistics Terminal

new project 02 December 2022

The “first multi-client logistics infrastructure” in Azores was inaugurated on October 3. This is an investment by Logislink, a logistics company belonging to Grupo Sousa, based in Funchal.

With the aim of expanding to Azores an activity already developed in Madeira, Logislink now offers Azorean companies a wide range of outsourcing logistics services: transport, consolidation and deconsolidation of containers, storage, stock management and picking.

The new facilities are located in Azores Park, stand out for their strong commitment to technological and energy efficiency solutions and occupy a total area of 30,000 m2. The covered area reaches 8,500 m2, there are 26 loading docks and the expectation is to reach 100 containers per week.

FN hotelaria carried out the execution of the refrigeration installations for the cold storage area of this logistics terminal, which covers an area of 1,650 m2.

Our intervention included, namely, the installation of the refrigerating plant equipment; the installation of equipment for thermal insulation of the various spaces; mechanical installations, with its piping and insulation materials, and electrical installations. An electronic system for centralized control, monitoring and security was also implemented.

This is a CO2-operated refrigeration installation, which seeks to meet the sustainability policies of the company. CO2 is an environmentally friendlier refrigerant that has been replacing synthetic HFC refrigerants (hydrofluorocarbons) with high GWP (Global Warming Potential). CO2 is one of the few sustainable refrigerants for food retail applications and has shown to be highly reliable in all climates. With reduced costs, it allows profitable operating costs.

FN hotelaria's participation in this project took place as a subcontract for the client AFAVIAS Açores, a specialty subcontract for thermal insulation and refrigeration installations, within the scope of the construction contract in charge of the AFAVIAS/AFAVIAS Açores consortium.