Savoy Palace Resort has a new restaurant

new project 21 February 2022

A new chapter in the gastronomic offer of Savoy Palace Resort began on February 10th with the opening of Pau de Lume restaurant.

FN hotelaria |

With a decoration marked by the industrial and vintage style, this new space was designed to offer comfort, light and a weightlessness that is clearly linked to the type of gastronomic proposal. The design of the space is signed by RH+ Arquitetos studio.

The Madeiran essence is revealed right away in the choice of a name with deep roots in our local speech: 'pau de lume' is a Madeiran expression that means 'match' (as in tool for starting a fire).

Under the leadership of chef Carlos Gonçalves, Pau de Lume is dedicated to an “authentic and irreverent gastronomy, where fire, embers and smoke are the main ingredients”, but in which oven dishes, snacks, healthy food and the brunch trend also play prominent roles.

FN hotelaria has developed the project, supplied and installed all the necessary equipment for the kitchen zones (production, pastry and pantry) and bar for this new restaurant.

But the partnership relationship we have established with Savoy Group is not limited to this project. Find out more about some of the work we have been developing for this Madeiran hotel group through the links below:

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